Meet Trade Buddy: Your Guide to the World of Trading and Investments!

Attention Angel One Users! :rotating_light:

Check out some of the latest features on the Angel One Android App, designed to enhance your trading and investing journey:

:small_blue_diamond: Trade Buddy: Your ultimate companion in the trading world! (To arrive in the next few days)

Expand your knowledge - access videos on trading and investing! :movie_camera:

  • Scroll through the latest videos without the need to refresh.
  • Navigate videos easily through intuitive categories i.e. Trending, Investing Basics, Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis.
  • Access lists of content creators and recommended videos.
  • Engage! Like videos and follow your favourite creators.

But wait! There are other features that may interest you as well!

:small_blue_diamond: Special HNI Category for IPO :moneybag:

  • Now invest between Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs in IPOs under the HNI category!

:small_blue_diamond: Other features: :tada:

  • Options Watchlist: See ‘SHOW MORE’ for an expanded list and use ‘Re-Center’ for quicker navigation to the middle of the list! :mag:
  • Global Search: Find any page swiftly! Jump to Portfolio, Positions, Add/Withdraw funds, and more!
  • Filter Magic: Apply Margin or Delivery as filters in your Portfolio. :male_detective:
  • Hide Sensitive Portfolio Analyser Info: Ensure privacy with a single click!
  • Share the performance of your Mutual Funds with friends on social media. :mega:
  • Robo Order Precision: Enter exact prices for stop loss and trigger prices under Robo order instead of the difference.

Don’t just trade - trade smart with Angel One! :man_superhero: Update your Angel One app to the latest version and explore these fabulous features now! :roller_coaster:

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