The Latest Updates of the Angel One iOS app This June Make It a Game-changer in Both Trading and Investing!

:tada:Hello Angel One Community!:tada:

We’ve made some exciting updates to the Angel One iOS app and we cannot wait for you to check them out! Here’s what’s brewing: :coffee:

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Revamped Options Watchlist:

  1. Pick two indices from NIFTY, BANKNIFTY, and FINNIFTY and track them on your main card.
  2. Super handy filters based on indices, option type, and expiry dates.
  3. Color-coded tags for ITM, ATM, OTM contracts.:bulb:
  4. ‘Show More’ button to check out the entire list of option contracts!
  5. A floating ‘Re-Center’ button to get ATM contracts back into focus.

:mag: Increased Visibility for Partial Payouts:

  1. Clear messaging on partial fund withdrawals.
  2. Breakdown of requested, processed, and pending amounts.
  3. Redirection to the newly created requests for the pending amount. :rocket:

:card_index_dividers: New Portfolio Filters:

  1. Filter assets by price movement, unrealised gains/losses.
  2. Check out your stocks by sector or market cap.
  3. Apply multiple filters at once!

And some cherries on top -

  1. Share mutual fund pages on social media.
  2. Edit the average price for off-market, ESOP transactions.
  3. Notifications for existing stop-loss and exit orders. :vertical_traffic_light:
  4. Modify order quantity if rejected due to insufficient funds.

Can’t wait to see you all make the most of these features! For more details on these features, check out this blog.:rocket::star_struck: #UpgradeAlert #AngelOneApp

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