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As promised we are back with many more updates !

:rocket: Explore Enhanced Investor-Oriented Features on the Angel One Android Super App! :chart_with_upwards_trend:**

Investing just got smarter with the latest upgrades to the Angel One Android Super App! We’re thrilled to unveil a range of new features designed to empower investors like never before. Dive into these enhancements and take your investing experience to the next level.

Major Enhancements on Portfolio :bar_chart: Get ready for a comprehensive look at your investments with our revamped Portfolio page:

  • Detailed Stock Breakdown: Gain deeper insights into your holdings. Explore free quantities, unsettled quantities, unpaid quantities, pledged quantities, and pay-later quantities for each company you’re invested in.
  • Blocked Quantity Display: Uncover the total blocked shares, along with tradable and trade-blocked quantities. This enables you to grasp your tradeable assets at any given moment.
  • Gain/Loss Sorting: Easily sort assets based on their daily gains or losses since the previous closing, helping you prioritize and strategize.

View Detailed Shareholding Data :bar_chart: Uncover valuable insights into company ownership patterns:

  • Shareholder Breakdown: Understand the percentage of company ownership held by various investor types, visualized in an informative circle diagram. Identify the holdings of promoters, FIIs, mutual funds, insurance companies, DIIs, and more.
  • Historical Shareholding Changes: Delve into the past four quarters and observe how the ownership percentages of different investor categories have evolved.

Access Trades and Charges for 180 Days :chart: Transparency and control over your financial data matter. Angel One now offers access to trades and charges data for a broader window of 180 days, compared to the previous 30 days. Analyze charges-related information and refine your trading strategies.

Other Features to Watch For :mag: We’re not stopping at the above enhancements. Here’s more:

  • Transaction History Download: Easily download the transaction history of your assets by clicking on “Download All Transaction” at the end of “Holdings Breakup.”
  • Guidelines for New Users: To ensure smooth fund additions, new users will receive helpful guidelines when adding funds to their Angel One accounts.

At Angel One, we’re dedicated to providing investors with tools that simplify decision-making and boost confidence. These new features underscore our commitment to making your investing journey smoother and more rewarding.

Ready to supercharge your investment experience? Update your Angel One Android Super App now and embrace the future of smart investing!

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