Exciting Updates on Angel One Android App: Enhanced F&O Launchpad, Revamped Option Chain & More!

Hello Angel One family,

We’re thrilled to announce a host of exciting updates to our Angel One Android app, designed to make your trading experience even smoother and more rewarding. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, these new features are sure to enhance your journey in the world of finance.

Enhanced F&O Launchpad

Navigating the complexities of F&O trading can be daunting, especially for new entrants. To address this, we’ve introduced a dedicated F&O Launchpad, a one-stop portal to guide you through the process seamlessly.

Key Features of the F&O Launchpad:

  • Need Help? Access a comprehensive FAQ section to resolve any queries you may have.
  • Learning Options Trading: Gain valuable insights through video-based tutorials covering key market concepts.
  • Top Traded Indices: Explore actively traded options to identify potential trading opportunities.

Revamped Option Chain for Enhanced Readability

The option chain has been revamped to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Now, you can easily view key data points like Greeks, Call, LTP, OI, and more without the hassle of scrolling.

Advanced Filtering Options:

  • 100 Multiples Only: View strike prices in increments of 100 for Nifty 50 options.
  • Volume with LTP: Show or hide the volume column for enhanced clarity.
  • OI Indication: Choose to display or hide OI lines for better visualization.
  • Price per Lot: View prices per lot instead of individual contracts.
  • PCR: Enable PCR (Put Call Ratio) values for each strike price.

Dedicated News Portal for Stay-Informed Trading

Stay updated with the latest market movements and news with our dedicated news portal. Access a consolidated feed from various sources, including online newspapers and stock market websites, right on the Angel One app.

Other Notable Updates:

  • Midcapnifty and Sensex options can now be added to your Options Watchlist.
  • Receive timely notifications for margin increases due to hedge breaks.
  • Regular nudges for MTF pledging and potential auctioning.
  • Identify companies undergoing mergers or demergers with new tags.
  • Discover curated stock lists based on key metrics in the ‘Discover’ section of the Watchlist.

We hope these updates make your trading experience more seamless and rewarding. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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Happy trading!


This is so nice community m they can help ours

charts on web trading platform goes back to default every time. it was perfect till yesterday. kindly fix it.
if i zoom it it goes back to default done with everything. reset cache clear save default. done everything.

Hi @shivam123 Thanks for sharing your feedback, the team has been informed and they are working on fixing the issue. We’d reach out to you via DM for further investigation.