📢 Check Out the Exciting iOS Features Released in the Second Half of June!

Hello, Angel One Community!

We’re thrilled to bring you the latest features on the Angel One iOS app. They have been designed to enhance your experience on the app and give you more control over your data privacy. Here’s what’s new:

:mag: Global Search for Easier Navigability: Say goodbye to the challenges of finding specific information or navigating through multiple pages. Our global search option allows you to quickly find top trending stocks, reach specific sections within the app, access recent searches, and search relevant articles and FAQs using keywords. Simply enter your query, and the app will guide you to the right page with just a few clicks.

:lock: Hiding Your Portfolio Information: Protect your sensitive data when sharing offline reports or screenshots. You can now hide and unhide critical information from your portfolio with a single click.

:bulb: Pop-up on Latest Features: When you open a new version of the Angel One app, a pop-up message will inform you about the new features available in that version.

These are just a few highlights of the fantastic updates we’ve made. Additionally, we’ve introduced:

  1. While placing Robo Orders, you will now have to enter the exact price instead of the difference for Stop Loss Price and Target Price.
  2. Access the list of recently viewed stocks section on the Home page
  3. View upfront display of sector and market capitalization details
  4. Know the estimated credit time for fund withdrawals on the app itself.

Update your Angel One app today to enjoy these exciting new features on iOS! For more detailed information on these features, check out this blog.

Happy investing!