Angelone app shows wrong charges for lower amount

Hi I was experimenting some strategies with single lot and saw the charges would be the one mentioned here , so I did a lot of trades to test out but now they have taken 4.5k from my account (fully brokerage and charges) . I did 288 executed trades and if the charges shown are correct then they should’ve taken only around 500rs but they have taken around 4400.and brokerage alone was taken is 3480 . Please fix this issue

The charges taken was around 15 Times the one it shows here . It clearly mentioned that 1lot per order and how could

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Theyve charges me exorbitantly as well. Rs 8500 for buy and sell only 1 transaction.
There is no place to ask for refund of the charges.

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Can you send me the contract note so that I can check why was that

What i do now… How i upload another documents of same mobile number

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Hi Sarvesh, please check your DM.