Virtual contract note coexisting with the trade history

Hey angel one,
i know you guys are always upto something, handing us newer and better tools.
Inserting a suggestion here

It’s high time now you should bring out virtual contract note with the order history, i don’t want to compare but its always good to learn from others, you guys can check out zerodha, it lets you monitor what you paid in charges up until now in a day, at any given point in time.

It’s not a game changer while trading options but while trading in cash(equities) keeping a check on your charges is mandatory, since charges on trading in cash make up a significant percentage.

I’m sure it will help new traders, rest, you guys know the things better, it’s just my suggestion


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Hey @arjun749! Good to hear from you, thanks for sharing the suggestions.

We’ll share this with our team and will let you know of any development on this feature request.

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Thanks looking forward to it

Hi @arjun749 Just to add another update - you can see the charges in Trades and charges section which is available in accounts section of Mobile app.

Hi @AngelOne, I’m aware about the trades and charges section which shows me the charges on my past trades, the problem is that it shows me the data on next day, i was talking about how Zerodha has made it possible to check your charges at any point of time on the current day, even while in open markets, i know it isn’t a good thing I’m comparing both, but i think it’s a useful feature even we should have at angel, would like to hear what you think.

Hi @arjun749 Thanks for sharing your valuable insights, will share this with the team and get back to you as we have any update on this :slight_smile:

@AngelOne thanks, sounds good, will be waiting

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