Why my brokerage charges are so high

I have been charged huge brokerage charges on F & O trade.

Please suggest what to do to get refund of extra charges.

Trade date 13 and 14 sept 23.

Here I am sharing you one trade charge.
Customer ID - A125238


Please look into the matter.

Some days before i received a call from an executive regarding the above issue. Instead of resolving my issue, he told me your brokerage charges were applicable from the year 2020. I have gone through the previous trading details, the brokerage charges of that period from 2020 to before August 2023 as compared to brokerage charges for the period August 2023 to Sept 2023 are very less.

You are requested to please refund me extra brokerage charges charged to my trade dated 13th and 14th Sept 2023.

Hi @atishsdeshmukh We are getting the team to look into it, please give us some time.