Bug in the brokerage online calculator

i found that there is some kind on glitch in the online brokerage calculator
attaching an image
1st image - It shows that a delivery bought at 91.3 and squared off at 100.9 gross gains woud be 960 then net gain after charges(44.82) should be 915.18, it displays 855.18 DIFFERENCE OF 60rs

2nd image - it shows that a delivery bought at 95.7 and squared off ta 100.9 gross gains should be 520
the net gain after charges (45.3) should be 474.7, it displays 454.7 difference of 20 rs

Enter the same values yourself and check on your behalf, Happy to Help

Hi @arjun749 Welcome to the Community! Thanks for bringing this to our notice, we’ll take this up with the team and shall get back to you soon!