Order is getting sliced even when the lot size is within freeze limit

, I was trading last Friday on banknifty , even thow the lot size per trade was under 36 , within freeze limit , the order got sliced into multiple orders . my total buy was just 150 orders but total sell was 450 orders but it was suppose to be 150 to 180 . And total charges I paid was 26k on same day for this issue , please fix this issue , I simply wasted my money on angelones order slicingfault. .

Even today my total buy was 46 orders but sell orders was 118 , and 1440 is wasted on this errors .I need refund for all these extra orders automatically placed by angelone since there was no order slicing initiated and order amount was under the freeze limits .

7/08/2023 - extra orders ( 72) = ₹1440
4/08/2023 - extra orders (221) = ₹4420
Total extra orders(293) = ₹5860

Hey Deepak - Can you share more details on the platform you used and raise a ticket on this, by - We were not able to reproduce this
Or go to Account, scroll down to Your Tickets and raise one, we will write back to you immediately

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I ne we got a reply for my ticket, and it’s been 6 days

Ticket was close automatically after they reply , y can’t they have conversation ? It’s completely Angelone’s technical mistake