Major technical error on trading platform

Hello Team,

For past so many days my client is reporting technical issues on chart and site hang, Its been great loss to him and check with on my computer too, and other clients too, in other system and browsers

  1. Chart is not loading, if loaded its not working and performing due to this whole site lags to No data found

Kindly look into it on urgent basis, as the client shifted to Fyers broker, that not good for the long term business

unable to upload screen record video here, but please look into this

I also faced same error on Tuesday morning in starting 30-45 min or so. I placed limit orders and then i don’t see them in open orders for a while, I tried refreshing, logging out, multiple platforms (IOS, Android and Web) but unable to see the orders, and finally after a while I was able to see the orders then I wasn’t able to cancel the same. It was very frustrating and cost me a lot as those orders got executed as the stock went in my favor and I couldn’t earn whatever I could have if the platform would hav canceled the order on time. This had happened to me once before as well (with old application like 6-7 month ago). I am not a frequent trader so I don’t know if this happens everyday or some days only. I have raised a support ticket as well to see if I get a proper response. But the next time would be my last time and I would move my portfolio to some other brokerage firm.
I liked the updates that Angel one is bringing but if this keeps on happening and support is not able to justify or provide some sort of confirmation that there was some platform issue then I will be left with no choice but to move my portfolio.
P.S. - I was trading in stock options that doesn’t have much volume TBH.

Hey drona2938,

Please forward your query with screen recording on
We will look into this immediately.