Unable to execute contract because of low liquidity

I see an error in executing many contracts (stock options PE/CE) which says liquidity is low in selected contract. I am not sure why are we not able to execute those orders if there are buyers and sellers available for those contracts ?

I used upstox previously and they didn’t had any of such restriction in placing an order, so I would assume that it is not something from SEBI/NSE but from Angel One.

It would be great feature as I try to sell (can’t recall about buy, but will check tomorrow and update the thread) for next/3rd month expiry or some far OTM contracts as hedge or to create a strangle and never be able to do so because of illiquidity.

This restriction limits me in terms of my earnings and risk as then I have to either sell a near strike call/put which is more risky and I am not able to sell next month which limits my earning.

Please let me know if there are plans to remove this restriction in future.