Not showing required amount to maintain after creating GTT order in angel one

Suppose in case of normal delivery order, if we create any limit order and its pending, then that amount is being blocked to that open order from the main account balance,
So there will not be a case when order is going to execute and fund is not available.

But when we create any GTT order on delivery, then its not showing any particular amount would be blocked, or you need to maintain particular amount as you are having any open GTT order,
And if you are having multiple GTT orders created then its very hard to get an idea about how much amount need to maintain in main account balance, or i am having more than required amount in the account, so can create another order also or not.

So if there would be any facility to get the total required amount for all GTT in GTT order window (just like we have in Positions section) then it would be much easiear for the user to get an idea about required amount for all GTT.

By the way can anyone suggest, is there any way i can get required amount for all GTT?