Basket order is showing wrong margin requirement

There is a issue with angel basket margin calculator / algorithm which is showing wrong margin requirement than actual.
Suppose i am placing some future long with hedge / sell legs trade then basket will show the required margin- Rs67000. Availiable margin - Rs150000
so this means i have sufficient funds to execute this trade at a one time.
but whevener i place this basket trade angel will execute only 2 legs out of 3 showing message you have insuffieient fund. required margin is 1,72000/- this means basket auto margin calculator is wrong or there is a bug which is misguiding always. this is happened with me for at least 5 to 6 times. which incurred loss in the trade + brokarge +stt which will be applicable on those trades which were placed not as per my plan.
Team angel please advise on the same. I have logged complaint to angel customer care team along with screen shots as well. please advise .