Why am I being charged heavy brokerage?

Angel one advertises that it’s brokerage for delivery is zero and intra day is 20 rs or 0.05% , but I am being charged very high charges and brokerage. In the last 6 months I only placed 6 DELIVERY orders and nothing else and for that I was charged almost 600 rupees brokerage ( image ss below) that is almost 100 rupees per order.
Can someone help and explain the reason for such high charges???!!!

Hi @vandanlalwani You can read all about the brokerage charges here >> Brokerage Charges, Transaction & Govt. Charges | Angel One Pricing

Hope this will give you a better clarity on the charges, if you still feel that you were charged heavily, you can fill out this form and we’ll ask the team to look into the issue for you!