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Can we have basket order feature in angel app itself ? Sensibull does not work every time.


I would love that feature to basket options together (like spread) since if we don’t have margin required we can’t sell an option but if we convert it into a spread (sell + buy) the margin required is less and that would help us to get a position when we have little less margin. Also to use sensibull we have to have subscription which is very costly.

we should also have basket order for stocks as well like watchlist, that we can create and whenever we want to buy we just hit buy button to get all those stocks (similar to SIP feature) but with flexibility of giving us/users the control to buy when we want to buy instead of system buying at certain time.


My holding funds will be credited to the bank account how many days come please request you anythings saying this email address send me

Hey Piyush - Our tech team is currently working on this,we will keep you posted on timelines

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I am loving how AngelOne is working hard and brining a lot of new features, capabilities very frequently now a days. I am sure if it keeps bringing new capabilities, soon it will be second and it can beat even Zerodha :slight_smile: and I wish all the very best to Angel One to become the best broker in India :crossed_fingers:

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My funds clearing status

Finally Basket order is on Android app as well. :partying_face: :man_dancing:
Can’t wait for market to open and place my basket order :wastebasket:

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Basket with dynamic option , target and stoploss in percentage ,would be better , so that we can setup dynamic option like setting own ITM/ATM/OTM offset so that we can make trading easy and faster to trade . So that we don’t need to add each options on basket and execute as LTP moves very fast in options . This feature ll be helpful