About misleading of information an

Dear Mam/sir

I am a client of angel one having


Client ID No (AAOA1491).

Recently I have been charged a high brokerage amount for my options trading that is Rs. 100 per lot instead of Rs. 20 per order execution as I was informed by my designated angel broker initially while opening my account. Moreover, I also checked the charges mentioned in the internet which also indicated Rs. 20 as the brokerage charge. I have traded according to pre assumption of Rs. 20 per order charge instead I have been charged Rs. 100 per lot. Upon enquiry, initially I was denied information and on further enquiry I was told that my account is a traditional one instead of a I trade account and that traditional accounts charge Rs. 100 per lot. I was deliberately not informed about this hidden protocol that my account is a traditional one and that I could be charged such high amount. I am extremely disappointed by such unprofessional behavior from your part. Now that I have been charged without my knowledge, I would highly appreciate if the charges are ammended as per the rate that I was pre informed at the earliest. Seeking an early response from your part in this regard
Thank you

Hi @Preeti1312 We are sorry to hear about the disappointment you faced. Since there is no private messaging option here on Community & we do not encourage our clients to share their private information publicly, we request you to visit this link: https://wa.angelone.in/lTSRV3mE and share your details. We’ll be happy to help. Thanks! (