Why amount withdraw process is so complicated

If you request a withdrawal in the morning then you can’t trade for the whole day as Angel monitors your transactions and awaits their completion before approving the withdrawal. Why can’t withdrawals be made as quickly as deposits? Purchasing stocks on margin after a withdrawal must not impede the withdrawal procedure. If you take more than 30 minutes to simply clear the fund, it is pathetic in today’s digital era but you actually take 12+ hours , oops!

It doesn’t necessarily signify that someone doesn’t desire withdrawal if they submit a buying bid on margin following withdrawal.

Example: I want to use my money for two or three days to complete other things, but I don’t want to miss the stock market opportunity in the interim.

Think on it! Its important feedback.

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I agree with you, also due to new circular from SEBI now we can’t withdraw funds over weekend and even in a weekday it is limited from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM only.
If you try to add funds to account, it takes like decades. I tried adding funds on a weekday and I had done almost 20 transactions as it was failing after a while with no reasons (at least I didn’t see any reason why it was failing). Also I raised service request and they came back like 5 days later and said that we see that your transaction was successfully processed :rofl:
I asked why it didn’t work for last 20 times and they didn’t have any answer and talking more was waste of my time as I had received my funds :upside_down_face:

*im not from angelone’s team so this answer is completely as per my perception .
hi , as per my knowledge , deposits and withdrawls are made using payment gateways (3rd party) . so when u deposit an amount , the payment gateways gives confirmation that the specified deposit was done to the angelone user id , so the deposts are reflected instantly . but on withdrawl , its not something that payment gateways can send the money without the angelone’s authorization . so angelone collects all the withdrawl request and then approve the withdrawl amount to the user’s bank account. this is common for all stock brokers in india. the reason for the delay is , angelone detucts the brokerage and other charges only after the evening , so in some case withdrawable amount ll be greated than the actual amount after deduction in morning. so even if u send withdraw request for the full amount at mng , and in case f u had traded , they ll deduct the brokerages and other charges and send the rest amount .