NSE F&O BAN list

@AngelOne - Do you know if there is any place where I can see banned stocks ? And what is the live current MWPL% for F&O stocks.

It would be great if we are able to that somewhere or if we can get a notification whenever the MWPL is going above some threshold limit (85%, 90%, 95%, 100% etc). Then, if we have a lot of F&O positions open for that stock we can close to cop up with margin requirement for next day and we don’t get penalty charges and those positions are not closed by AngelOne next day to decrease the overall margin requirement for that account.


You can get the MWPL ban list from here.

yes, I usually see that from there but I guess that they doesn’t provide live update. Its updated at EOD. I wanted to see if we can get these details in live market so that I can close/open my positions at EOD only.
For eg. I had some BIOCON positions today but it came in Ban-list today. If I was aware around live market I could have closed it to save my account from having more margin requirement from tomorrow.