Rs 3 lakh crore AUM, 98 lakh loans disbursed, 8.4 crore customers: Bajaj Finance was on a UNSTOPPABLE festive ride

Bajaj Finance feasts on festive cheer, crossing Rs 3 lakh crore AUM and adding millions of customers as traditional channels shine while navigating regulatory hurdles. A story of resilience, adaptation, and sweet success.

Bajaj Finance, the ubiquitous NBFC that’s become synonymous with consumer loans, had a reason to pop champagne on January 4th. Their assets under management (AUM) crossed a monumental milestone – Rs 3 lakh crore! This 35% year-on-year jump wasn’t just a number; it painted a vibrant picture of a company firing on all cylinders.

But let’s break it down, shall we? Here are the key takeaways from Bajaj Finance’s festive feast:

AUM Explosion

Rs. 3 lakh crore is uncharted territory for Bajaj Finance. This surge indicates robust growth, fuelled by the festive season’s shopping frenzy. People splurged, and Bajaj Finance happily facilitated their dreams, be it that shiny new motorbike or a luxurious home makeover.

Deposit Delight:

Deposits weren’t just parked; they grew 35% too, reaching Rs. 58,000 crore. This shows trust in Bajaj Finance as a safe haven for people’s hard-earned money, further strengthening their financial muscle.

Loan Bonanza:

The festive spirit wasn’t just about buying; it was about borrowing smart. Bajaj Finance saw a 26% increase in new loans disbursed, crossing 98 lakh! This translates to millions of happy customers who found the perfect financial partner for their aspirations.

Customer Frenzy:

The Bajaj Finance family expanded by a whopping 22%, reaching 8.4 crore. They added 38 lakh new customers, proving their appeal remains undimmed even after the RBI’s temporary ban on certain products.

Adapting to Adversity:

Remember the RBI ban on Bajaj Finance’s “eCOM” and “Insta EMI Card”? They didn’t let it dampen their spirits. They cleverly leveraged traditional channels to snag new customers, proving their resilience and adaptability.

Cash is King:

Bajaj Finance is sitting pretty on a liquidity cushion of Rs. 11,600 crore. This war chest, bolstered by their recent Rs. 10,000 crore fundraising, ensures they’re well-equipped to weather any financial storms.

Insights and What’s Next:

Bajaj Finance’s performance suggests a strong Indian economy, especially in the consumer durables and housing sectors. The festive season acted as a catalyst, and the future looks bright.

The RBI ban’s minimal impact is a testament to Bajaj Finance’s diverse product portfolio and customer loyalty.

Their focus on traditional channels highlights the importance of offline presence even in the digital age.

At 11:24 am, Bajaj Finance surged 3.56%, trading at Rs 7,649.00 per share.

So, there you have it! Bajaj Finance’s festive bonanza is a story of resilience, adaptation, and sweet, sweet success. As the new year unfolds, it will be interesting to see how they continue to navigate the market and keep their customers happy.

Disclaimer: This post has been written exclusively for educational purposes. The securities mentioned are only examples and not recommendations. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to changes. Please consult an expert before making related decisions.