Price & Date update - off market transfer from other broker

Hi, i made transfer of PF from other broker to angel. Now my purchase price and date are not showing proper. inability to update the date would potentially impact the taxes paid. The off market easiest transfer was between my own accounts, therefore no purchase price is entered.

i see option to update the price in android mobile app, however the app also does not allow to update. gives message you can update the price after 7 days. why? there is also no option to update the date while updating the price !

The customer support call number 18001020 is not working ! There is no one reachable to answer you ! Why ?

The ticket system does not exist ! why ?

Why do we have to post on forum instead of calling a number or opening online ticket ?

Hi @angelauser We are sorry to hear about the inconveniences caused to you. Since there is no private messaging option here on Community & we do not encourage our clients to share their private information publicly, we request you to visit this link: and share your details. We’ll be happy to help. Thanks!

i filled the above form yesterday. still waiting for resolution

@angelauser Please give it sometime, the team will get back to you if you have already filled the form.

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day 6 of waiting for someone to contact me. no resolution yet.

Day 9 of waiting for some support to contact me. No customer support number, the numbers provided either does not work, or nobody picks up the phone. No ticket system. No way to contact. You are on your own once you open account. This is the reason you should go for full service brokers instead of discount brokers. @AngelOne

It seems like there might be a system restriction that requires a waiting period before updates can be made. I suggest reaching out to Angel Broking through their official email or social media channels for assistance, as their customer support number appears to be unresponsive. It’s important to get clarification and assistance to ensure your investment records are accurate for tax purposes.