My portfolio is not showing

Sir my Equity portfolio holding is not showing from last 2 days ,I am scared please help as soon as possible.

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Hi @KumAvi Sure, we can certrainly help you, can you please share a screenshot along with your client ID so that we can investigate the issue further?

Client Id- A730491

Thanks for sharing, we’ll get this looked into. @KumAvi

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Hi sir I am still waiting for ur response

Hir my problem is still not resolved

Hi @KumAvi please don’t be worried, the team is looking into the issue, we shall update you soon.

Hello I also have the same problem it’s been more than two weeks and I can’t see my portfolio

Hey @hardikvaniya @KumAvi Just to confirm, have you linked your PAN and Aadhaar? Because, CDSL has frozen the holdings of some users due to non-compliance of KRA or because their PAN-Aadhaar is not seeded. You can visit this Website to link your PAN and Aadhaar, if not done yet. If you have already linked your account, please let us know and we’ll ask the team to investigate the issue accordingly.

Hi @KumAvi
Your DP has been blocked by the CDSL because the KRA is not complete. You might have received a link on your phone to complete the KRA. Kindly complete it to get your DP unblocked by the CDSL.

I hope this was helpful.

Happy Trading.

Yeah thanks, I completed my KYC now. Just waiting for unfreeze my account.

My pan and Aadhar is already linked. And also I completed my KYC at 14 sep 2023 but still my Equity portfolio is showing 0 .

Hello sir, what’s the I have been completed my KYC 4 days ago and my PAN and Aadhar was already linked but my Equity portfolio is still showing zero. Please resolve this problem

I was late for linking adhaar card and pancard
due to mismatch of names. I had applied for new pan and adhaar card after that both cards are linked. I also paid 1000 rs for late KYC
BUT WHEN I DO UPDATE In angel one app I see you are protected by reacaptcha
Also can not see my holding
Myid m580266

Hi @M580266 Has this been resolved?

Hi sir…I have blocked my fund because of kyc update…I updated in last week but my profile have same problem to blocked fund…I m not trading and withdrawing…please solve my issue…I m calling customer care but nobody responded…

I had some problem but resolved now , first complete all of ur KYC process then contact support team they will unblock ur account

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Hey @Nishtha44 Can you please help us with your Client ID? Also, once you complete your KYC, it takes 4-5 days for the account get activated again. Has it been more than 5 days?