IPO of Vishal mega mart

India’s Vishal Mega Mart intends to launch an initial public offering (IPO) valued at $1 billion, potentially valuing the affordable supermarket chain at up to $5 billion. This move aims to generate funds for expanding its store network, according to two individuals familiar with the matter.The majority stakeholders in Vishal Mega Mart, Switzerland’s Partners Group and India’s Kedaara Capital, plan to sell shares in the IPO. However, the precise ownership percentages of the private equity firms in Vishal Mega Mart, the extent of their share sale, and whether they intend to maintain a majority stake remain undisclosed at this time.


When is the expected release quarter of this IPO?

That’s kinda nice. Vishal mega mart is growing day by day and also becoming employment maker.

It’s great to know that the Mart has been growing currently

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Finally vishal mega Mart is growing. In the initial days there were less customer cause no one knew about it but now it’s well known.

Yeah I agree with this plan of theirs. Since Vishal mega Mart is a big wholesale market name in India this plan will attract very much public attention

Its great to hear that vishal mega mart is launching their ipo. It’s gonna be great.

I’m 100% agree with their plans. It’s gonna be so amazing seriously.

This mega mart is quite popular and already present at multiple locations. Can’t believe it is growing at such a huge rate.

This mega mart is used by my family since i was a child. Love to go there and shop at such reasonable rates. Happy to see it is expanding at such rates.

Noice. Ipo is doing a good job bein the ipo

Vishal mega Mart’s IPO is finally out.

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Its really nice. I also totally agree with the plan.
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This is a good ipo option. Love it.

Excited to see that Vishal mega Mart is growing.

Vishal mega mart is really becoming a source of employment and is growing each day. Kudos

Great to hear that Vishal mega Mart is growing rapidly

Great to see such growth of a Vishal mega mart, didn’t expect this.