How can I pledge my Mutual Funds?

I wanted to know if there is a way I can pledge Mutual Funds to the collateral margin in Angel One.

Hi @VSonar,
As per the process from 1 July 2022, funds of Mutual Fund transactions are directly being debited and credited back to your bank account and since no funds are being received by us in the ledger.
Due to the above reason, the margin has been stopped, and hence the Mutual Fund units cannot be pledged now to avail margin.

Thank You,
Angel One

Hi @AngelOne - Do you know if Angel One is planning to bring back the feature to pledge mutual funds ?
Also can we pledge any SGB to get margin ?
I heard it is possible in Zerodha and I am planning to open a new account there to actually buy mutual funds and SGB and use that margin to trade but wanted to know if AngelOne is planning to bring those features back then may be I can wait for sometime :slight_smile:

Hey Piyush

We currently cannot pledge Mutual funds on Angel One - We will update this thread when our tech team initiates work and we have visibility on this track

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Hi. Is Mutual Funds pledging live on AngelOne yet?

Hey @thisisbanerjee MF pledging is currently unavailable, We’ll keep you updated as soon as we have more information. Thanks for your patience!