Introducing the Angel One Super Portfolio for Tracking All Your Investments in One Place!

Hello Investors!

We’ve got news for you! Your Angel One Portfolio is now upgraded to the new Super Portfolio! Tracking multiple investments across asset classes just became a lot easier.

Let’s take a quick tour of the latest features in your Portfolio section :

:small_blue_diamond: Super Portfolio: View ALL your investments (Equity, Mutual Funds, Sovereign Gold Bonds) on one page!

  1. Separate tabs on the same page for Equity, Mutual Fund, SGB for easier tracking.
  2. Quickly view overall invested value, current value and gains/losses of your portfolio on the summary card.

(Available on Android already. Coming soon on iOS/Web!)

:small_blue_diamond: Hiding Portfolio Info: Privacy on point! :man_detective:

Hide crucial data with one click before sharing your performance.

  • Invested Value, Market Value, Unrealized gains/losses, etc. can now be safely kept private.
  • You can easily unhide the info with a single click too.

:small_blue_diamond: Enhanced Portfolio Analyser:

  1. See your investments categorized by market value (not invested value).
  2. View unrealized gains/losses in percentage terms.

:small_blue_diamond: Bonus Goodies :gift::

  1. Directly start a buy or sell order on TradingView Chart.
  2. OTP no longer needed for pledging stocks!
  3. List of recently viewed stocks can now be accessed in a section below ‘Similar Stocks’.
  4. Get notified of pre-existing stop-loss and exit orders while placing a new one on the same scrip.

Your portfolio just got smarter and sleeker! Update your Angel One app to the latest version today! For a more detailed explanation of the above features with screenshots, check out this blog.

Happy Investing!

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I have tested some of the features and they are great. My feedback below -

  1. For the super portfolio if Angel One can allow pledging mutual funds and SGB then that would be super awesome.
  2. Hiding portfolio is also a great feature for privacy.
  3. OTP no longer needed for pledging is significant time improvement for traders as well as less confusion between multiple OTP’s which we were getting previously.
  4. Getting notified of pre-existing stop-loss and exit orders would be again a great feature for users who has many positions open(I still need to test this one) as it would prevent accidental multiple orders (which I experienced a lot earlier)