Commodity charts loading issue in ios app version

Hello Team,

As we are aware that the Angelone product development team is working hard to improve the app and provide great experience for the Angelone traders + investors community. So far we are happy with the progress made in the short son of time.

But in addition to this we would like to highlight some of the pain points which requires some attention.

  1. Commodity Future & option charts both are not loading for entire series. This is only loading for last 2 days.

  2. profit and loss is still a pain point. Especially if you are traders you have to select individual scrips to see the total pnl for specific script. This is really painful process.

  3. still basket order is missing for iOS users

  4. Still we are lot of UI screen changes with option chain screen. This is not effective for heavy traders.

  5. overall Open position tab requires some remodelling

Please look into these topics and let us know if you need any additional information

Hi @Nsetrader87, Welcome to Angel One Community! We are happy to hear from you.

Thanks for sharing this highlighting this, we’ll get this looked into internally and will share an update on the same!