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Yasho Industries commenced commercial production at its Pakhajan Plant; Details Inside

The 20,000 MTPA unit set up at an approximate cost of Rs 470 crore and reflects an 18.24% increase in the company’s shares over the past year.

About the Project:

Yasho Industries Limited, a leading Indian company manufacturing specialty and fine chemicals, has commenced commercial production at its Pakhajan Plant in Dahej District, Gujarat. Spread over 42 acres, the 20,000 MTPA unit has been established at an approximate cost of Rs 470 crore, exceeding the originally envisaged budget of Rs 400 crore. The company stated that this increase is due to enhancements in automation to improve efficiency levels, an increased capacity by around 15%, and inflationary factors.

Commenting on the development, Parag Jhaveri, Managing Director & CEO, expressed confidence that the new facility will not only strengthen the company’s competitive position in the market but also provide the requisite scale and capabilities to propel the company to the next level. This move also brings the company one step closer to transforming Yasho into a leading global chemical manufacturer.

According to the Q3FY24 Investors presentation, this marks phase 1 of the project utilizing 50-55% of the newly acquired 42-acre land, with 50% of the land still available in Pakhajan for future expansion. The focus of this phase will be strategically directed towards the production of industrial chemicals mostly lubricant and rubber chemicals. The estimated revenue from Phase 1 of the project is around Rs 550 - 600 crore.

Stock Performance:

During the last trading session, the company’s stock closed at Rs 1,799.60. Opening at Rs 1,796.75 today, it is currently trading at Rs 1,798.50, reflecting a 0.06% decrease. The company’s 52-week high stands at Rs 2,418, while its 52-week low stands at Rs 1,485.55. Presently, the company boasts a market capitalization of approximately Rs 2,000 crores. Over the past year, the company’s shares have appreciated by 18.24%, while in the same timeframe BSE Commodities have increased by 38.07%.

About Yasho:

Yasho Industries Limited is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing fine and specialty chemicals, exporting worldwide. It is fully equipped with well-established manufacturing facilities designed to produce multiple products. The company has a global customer base and generates more than 60% of its sales through exports. It continues to grow rapidly, catering to a diverse array of products across various industries, and maintains strong long-term relationships with customers in more than 50 countries. The company operates three well-equipped manufacturing units located in Vapi and a new unit at Pakhajan.

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Yasho industries had a massive growth in the field of manufacturing fine and specialty chemicals, exporting worldwide and I’m excited to know about its future growth