Why is my brokerage charges so high

Yesterday i bought a lot of nifty and sold one and i was charged around Rs. 411. (refer pic attached)

Angel one website displays Rs. 20 flat per trade in FnO and zero brokerage for delivery trades.

But for me, being an old customer, the brokerage charges were never updated to the new ones. This is unfair and I have therefore paid huge amounts extra in brokerage.

Please look into this and refund the extra brokerages charged.

Below attached is one of the trades and the brokerage charged.

Customer Id: GRGN7277

Bhai, sab golmaal hai…

hi , are you sure if this was a single trade? because the brokerage of 20rs is per executed order . if u had placed like 21 orders on the day, the brokerage should be 420 . but if its single order then let me know.

I also face the same issue. I have charged huge brokerage on F&O orders. and This happened continuous for 2 days i.e. 13th and 14th Sept.
Customer Id - A125238

Thanks for sharing the details, @atishsdeshmukh We’ll get this looked into!