What are the views on IREDA

It is a mini Ratna company that gives funds only to renewable energy projects.Ireda has monopoly in this sector. The total loan book of company is 50,000 cr.
Solar and wind energy contributes more than 50%. Stock gave 5X returns in just 3 months. Resons behind this rally is:
The bullish view on renewable energy and the second is strong momentum in PSU stocks. Many companies are focusing on net zero carbon. Many companies join the mission more increase in demand on renewable energy.
The outlook of the sector is positive. In last 3 years, company’s loan book has increased by 33%. Stock is fundamentally strong.The asset quality of stock is superior.80% projects are already commissioned and generating income.90% loans are secured.Return of equity is 15%.
Currently stock is in its peak we can add it on dip.