WeP Solutions and FUJIFILM India Ink a Strategic Partnership for India!

This partnership brings together two leading companies with complementary strengths to offer customers in India a comprehensive range of digital printing solutions.

WeP Solutions Limited (Wepsol), a BSE-listed company, and FUJIFILM India Private Limited (FUJIFILM) have joined forces to address the digital printing market in India. Wepsol will provide system integration services, as well as sell and service FUJIFILM’s advanced office solutions product portfolio.

Wepsol is a foremost provider of technology solutions that energize, digitalize, and transform workplaces. Its digital workplace suite, fluidWorks, empowers enterprises with a connected agile environment where collaboration is enhanced, employee experience is elevated, and productivity soars. Wepsol’s fluidPrint is an adaptable, secure, and cost-effective Managed Print Service (MPS) powered by FUJIFILM’s range of digital print solutions.

FUJIFILM is a leading provider of printing technology worldwide and boasts the No. 1 market share in A3 products in all major markets of the Asia Pacific. FUJIFILM offers a vast portfolio of technologically advanced products and is engaged in other business segments, including healthcare, materials, imaging, and business innovation.

This partnership brings together two leading companies with complementary strengths to provide customers in India with a comprehensive range of digital printing solutions. Enterprises seeking scalable and secure digital printing solutions with nationwide service coverage will now have access to sophisticated technology and reliable services to accelerate their growth.

Established in 1988, Wepsol Ltd provides managed printing solutions and services, digital services, and manufactures and distributes retail billing products and multifunctional printers. The company is an Enterprise Services provider of Digital Services and Managed Printing Services, in addition to offering retail products and solutions. It also has a portfolio of Ricoh products and solutions for enterprise customers.

Today, shares of WeP Solutions reached a 5% upper circuit, rising to Rs 26.19 per share from its previous closing price of Rs 24.95 per share. The company’s shares experienced a substantial increase in trading volume, surging more than 4.48 times on BSE. The company has achieved robust profit growth of 30.8% CAGR over the past 5 years and has consistently maintained a healthy dividend payout of 33.7%.

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