Very sad angelone is providing the demat account mobile number to tips provider

I have raised the ticket but angel one is so neglect to solve this problem, does any body faced this problem. please share here. i am thinking to complaint to sebi regarding this .

Hi @santhoshbkumar We are sorry to hear that you had a disappointing experience, can you please elaborate the incident and share more details so that we can get this case escalated and looked into?

Please check the case number 13245891 i have raised the tickets

Hi @santhoshbkumar Thanks for sharing the case number, while we are getting this checked within the team, we’d like to sincerely apologize for any confusion that has happened here. We at Angel One respect customers data security and privacy at top priority and would never share any of their details with any third party.

This is the very reason why we also ask the customers who post their queries on public platforms to NOT share their personal details like contact number or such information on community forums - This is something that we have mentioned in our community guidelines as well!

While the team investigates further, we’ll sent you a DM to request for a few more details to better understand the case and get this resolved soon!

What is your status of investigation sir, I have sent all the proof that angelone is leaking the data of demat account to spamers . i have raised the ticket long back no response still. Waiting for your fast reply.

I have experienced the same and raised the issue on twitter but I was told that Angel One doesn’t share your contact details. I mentioned that I wasn’t receiving any spam messages before and as soon as I opened account with Angel One it started flowing through. I can confirm that because I never used this number for any other purposes and it makes me sad to have to prove it on Twitter.

@AngelOne - I appreciate your response here atleast to take effort in looking into this issue.

Hi @santhoshbkumar @Piyush Thank you for diligently reporting the case to us, we checked with the team and have been informed that they got it touch with you on 16th Sept, 2023.

While we thank you for sharing the phone number from which you are receiving the advisory calls, we’d also like to let you know that this number is not associated with any Angel One employees or sub-brokers. Still, we have highlighted it to the concerned team for further investigation and they are looking into the case on priority.

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you and consider our relationship with you as invaluable and strive to respect and safeguard your right to privacy. We do protect the personal details received from you with the same degree of care to prevent the unauthorized use, dissemination, or publication of this information as we protect our own confidential information of a like nature. Hence, please note that we shall never share your details with any third parties that are not associated with Angel One.

Please do not entertain any callers guaranteeing you sure-shot profits in this market. We at Angel One do not call our customers to give trading tips and recommendations.

Our recommendations are available on our website and mobile app which a customer can check by logging into their respective account.