Update on Required Margin Calculation on Order Pad

Hey fellow traders,

I wanted to share some exciting news regarding a recent update, that will make a positive impact on our trading experience. Up until now, the Required Margin displayed in the Orderpad didn’t consider our Open Orders and Open Positions. As a result, sometimes the shown margin was higher than what we actually needed.

But here’s the good news: with the new release, the Required Margin calculation has been improved using the AROM SPAN calculator. This means that the margin displayed on the Orderpad will now take into account our Open Orders and Positions, giving us a much more accurate estimation of the required margin.

Why does this matter? Well, it allows us to place orders with reduced margin, resulting in potential cost savings. And here’s the cherry on top: if you have any hedged positions, you’ll benefit even more.

Let me illustrate with an example: Suppose you already have a Buy position of Nifty June Future. Now, you want to sell Nifty July Future. Previously, the Required Margin on the Orderpad would show Rs. 1,00,000 for this trade. However, with the new update, it will only display Rs. 20,000 as the Required Margin. That’s a significant reduction!

So, thanks to this update, we can now trade with more accurate margin information and potentially save costs along the way. Happy trading, everyone!

Pintu, Product Manager

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Hello @AngelOne - This is huge and would definitely help traders who are in options selling. I tested it in Android latest version with Nifty and a stock (that I trade usually). However it is not reflecting same in web version. Could you please let me know when can we see the same change in Web Application ?

For eg - I have an open position with a PE and when I tried to sell a CE opposite to that, I see Rs. 88k in web app where as in Android app I see only Rs 25k (screenshots below)

Hey Piyush - We are going live with this fix on web by end of this month

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@Piyush this now live on web too. happy trading !

@shourya1 - Thanks for the update. I can confirm that I am able to see updated margin on web app as well. Thanks for Angel One team to work on it.