Unlimited trade plans

Does AngelOne has any plans to offer unlimited trades to users for some prepaid amount ? I know Edelweiss offers some plans which are prepaid for 2 years or so and offer unlimited trades to users. This would definitely benefit users who trades a lot and as well as AngelOne to have users tied to the platform for couple of years :wink:
I am not that frequent trader but still my charges (Brokerage+Taxes+etc) for last FY showing as Rs 66k and for this FY I have already showing 25k in total charges :see_no_evil:
Let me know if there are some plans on case to case basis as well, would like to explore them.

Adding screenshots just in case people think I am bluffing :innocent:

Charges for last FY

Charges for last 2 months in this FY

hi , there is a plan called iTrade , which allows u to have 15rs brokerage rather than 20rs brokerage . but this 15rs brokerage is applicable to only to the order value of lesser or equal to Rs 50,000 , and if the order value is greater than 50,000 , then the brokerage is 30rs . so i recommend this plan in begining and once started trading with more than 50k , can again change back to 20rs brokerage plan .

Hi @deepakchandar - Thanks for the reply. I couldn’t find this plan on the website. Brokerage Charges, Transaction & Govt. Charges | Angel One Pricing
Also I do option selling so i am not sure how this Rs 50,000 will be calculated there. If it is flat 15rs for option then that would atleast save me 25% of brokerage.

hi ,yes this plan wont be available for direct clients , but available for the clients of subbroker . but in your case this wont be helpful as you are a option seller who trade with high capital which ll be more than 50k, i have a plan for you in this case, how can we connect so that i can suggest you some better option to save money on brokerage

Please send me your contact details ,so I’ll help u to save 25% brokerage on your current trading method