Unable to Place Order


I am unable to execute orders even during market hours. It keeps on providing message After Market Order when I place a buy or sell. This happens only while using the angel one in my laptop.
Alternatively, it works without any issues in my mobile app.

Please can you provide a solution for this.


Hi @bkomalavalli Welcome to Angel One Community! We are sorry to hear about your disappointing experience, would request you to kindly help us with a screenshot of the error message you get along with your Client ID? We’ll get this looked into on priority.


My CLIENT ID - K82286.


Hi @bkomalavalli Can you please check the time zone, if the time zone and region is not set according to the Indian time zone then you will have to set the time and region to Indian time zone and then relaunch the browser and check again, if this issue still persists, please let us know.

Incase the time zone and region are correct, please let us know and we’ll check with the team again.


Hi @bkomalavalli Can you please confirm if this issue is resolved for you?


same problem for me not able to execute the sell order.

this seems cheating with customer that not allowing shares to sell. this place sell order button is not working on mobile as well. with no error message shown