UI update change

Below are few UI update request will make angel one an good UI

1.There are so much of educational vidoes everywhere here and there its very annoying whether kept on home page or remove.Prompt this videos on social media will reach people alot

2.On uniuniversal search bar avoid news search for searching stock it messing the whole search page.

3.Reduce or remove stock icons it looks like mess and makes the app very slow in terms of UI

4.On watchlist remove the Discover whenever open watchlist it loads a lot on app no use of this scanner for everyone

5.On home screen was full of messy no more proper arrangement.

6.On mutual fund page remove pending action symbol as arrow there is no use of that.

7.Kindly bring the native keyboard for the app(phone default keyboard) in app keyboard laggs very much not an smooth and speedy for all time.

These are small and tiny UI changes makes angelone an good UI.

Hi @Balasv52 Welcome to the Community! These are some good suggestions, we appreciate you taking time and sharing your insights on how we can improve UI/UX on Angel One.

We have shared this feedback with the team and shall update you on this soon.

PS: We are always happy to see our customers taking time to share suggestions/feedback and would love to see you around the community more often, sharing your valuable suggestions/feedback on what we can do better!

Any update on this sir