Trent will be the next multi bagger

Over time, Trent has successfully developed subsidiary brands that resonate with consumers and has expanded its range of products to capture a broader spectrum of fashion preferences. The company intends to aggressively expand its business across various formats, recognizing significant growth potential, particularly as its current footprint spans only 155 cities.
Trent’s strategy emphasizes maximizing sales per square foot, predominantly through its own brand product lineup, reducing inventory shrinkage, and enhancing operational synergies. This approach, coupled with business expansion, is poised to drive profitable growth in the future. Additionally, the company benefits from a loyal customer base exceeding 9 million WestStyle Club members, ensuring repeat purchases, a key asset for Trent.
While gross profits saw a slight increase of approximately 60 basis points year over year, the substantial improvement in EBITDA margins by 330 basis points on a year-over-year basis reflects strong operating leverage and enhanced business synergies. Trent’s net profit more than doubled year over year to Rs 343 crore.