Tickets are closed without any Resolution

Dear Team, I am new to angle one and I have raised 4 tickets (11853645, 11853142, 11812893, 11783637) and it closed without any resolution, and In many resolution it mentioned to raise new ticket without provide any information for current resolution , In fact matter is that all ticket closed around 5.30 PM and this happed 3 time out of 4, I was surprised that just shake of numbers to resolved ticket at the day end , I feel like this is government organisation, you raise new complaint and they closed complaint without any resolution and tell you to raise new complaints. I have major 2 Issues : Initially I am not receiving any link for pledge for MTF Position, so position was converted to Normal Delivery Position. For Next Day again I made new MTF Position I got pledge link and I successfully pledge with OTP but next day when I show available margin it is negative so If I have MTF position than theirs should be available margin apart from used in MTF Positions and I checked my position and it convert to normal delivery after successfully pledge, How this is possible ? I request you if you are not working like government organisation then please resolve these issues, I have already wasted 8 days since raise first concern, I feel like that it should take at least 1 month to resolve these issues as usual government organisation. And Again, out of 4 tickets you mentioned that I could not be able to connect on your registered mobile (but you can mailed also) so It closed ticket so to remove this excuse at least for this ticket You can connect me on call and for your information registered number is always available so find next good excuse for to close ticket without any resolution. I request you don’t close this ticket without any proper resolution give me on call. Thanking You

Did you find any solution? i have exact same problem

Hi @aarki @dishasoliya We are sorry to hear that you have had a disappointing experience, we have communicated the feedback to the concerned team.