This microcap company announced its investor presentation with a robust order book of Rs 385 cr

Markolines Pavement Technologies holds a dominant position in the market, boasting a substantial 30-35% market share as the sole provider of a complete range of Highway O&M services in India. The company has a commendable track record in Highway asset maintenance and has witnessed significant growth in turnover, reflecting its preferred status among clients. With an experienced and stable team, Markolines benefits from a robust business model, managing more than 20,000 lane kms of National Highway.

As of March 31, 2023, the company has an existing Order Book valued at Rs 385 Crore, and there is an additional Rs 500 crore worth of projects in the pipeline at various stages of finalization. The strong pipeline of work is fuelled by the renewal of existing roads every 5-7 years. Markolines' position as a market leader plays a crucial role in converting these pipeline projects into actual orders. 

Markolines Pavement Technologies reported FY23 results in which, sales of the company surged by 67% and stood at Rs 312.4 crore as compared to 186.9 crore in FY22, while EBITDA of the company grew by 22.6% to Rs 28.24 crore as compared to 23.02 in FY22. Similarly, net profit of the company grew by 55.8% and stood at Rs 15.75 crore as against to Rs 10.11 crore in FY22. Furthermore, the company has been able to grow its sales by 22% over the past 3 years and net profit has grown by 30% over the same period. 

The company has delivered returns of 5.35% over the past year and returns of 72% from the date of its listing in October 2021. Additionally, the company has a ROCE of 26.5% and a ROE of 22.5%

On Friday, shares of the company plunged by 0.35% and traded at Rs 115. 

Investors should keep a close eye on this trending stock.

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