Tata investments corp hit lower circuit

Following a substantial block deal, Tata Investment Corp Ltd saw a 5 percent decline, triggering the lower circuit. Approximately 35 crore shares of the company were exchanged in this block deal, yet information regarding the buyers and sellers remained undisclosed.This marks the fifth consecutive trading session where the stock has reached a 5 percent lower circuit, resulting in an overall decline of around 22.6 percent during this period. As of 11 am on March 15, the stock was trading at Rs 7,540.15 on the BSE, reflecting a 5 percent decrease from its previous closing price. Year to date, Tata Investment has recorded a notable gain of over 76 percent. In contrast, India’s benchmark Sensex declined by 0.66 percent to 72,611.98 points.Established as a subsidiary of Tata Sons Pvt Ltd in 2008, Tata Investment specializes in long-term investments such as equity shares. Tata Sons and various other Tata Group entities collectively hold approximately 73.38% of its capital.

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