Suggestion For GTT order

Hi Angelone

I have an suggestion regarding angelone gtt order. I have been using upstox GTT for equity trades. Upstox has 3 in 1 order system. In single order you will get buy price, target and stoploss (without any trigger price in any of the field) I am attaching an screenshot too.

Upstox is charging rs 20 for stock delivery trades if angelone bring this feature then it will be really good. And everyone will love it. I will too shift from upstox to angelone.

Thank you

Angelone does have this , called robo order . But it’s available only on intraday

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Exactly… This feature should be available for DELIVERY GTT.

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Hi @Pradhan Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback to help us improve our services, we will raise this feedback with the concerned team, could you please share your Client ID for the same?

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My Client Id is - P138463

Thank you for sharing your Client ID, we have raised this feedback to the concerned team! @Pradhan

why this post is hidden from the users ?

Hey @Pradhan Looks like it was mistakenly unlisted, have revived it.