Status of Demat Account Opening

Hi Angel one Team,
I am writing to inquire about the status of my demat account opening application, which I submitted on 10-09-2023 with the application.

I understand that processing times may vary, but it has been some time since I submitted my application, and I have not received any communication regarding its status. As I am eager to begin trading and managing my securities, I kindly request an update on the progress of my demat account opening.

Could you please provide me with the following information:

  1. The current status of my demat account application.
  2. An estimated timeframe for the completion of the account opening process.
  3. Any additional documents or information you may require from my end to expedite the process.

Request Number 13245454

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Hi @MANIKANDANB Thanks for sharing the details, glad to know that you chose Angel One for your trading journey. We’ll get this looked into at priority, and regret the inconvenience caused to you, we’ll ask someone from the team to get in touch with you!

Thanks for your reply. Can you provide the status of my demat account application?
why it is taking too long to validating the details?

@MANIKANDANB Sent you a DM, please check!

Hi @MANIKANDANB Can you please try to login into your account now and check if you are able to access it?