Site Crashes when Idle for long

The trading chart page crashes the browser tab after sitting idle for some time. After some basic debugging, I found out that its happening because of too many console logs. Attaching a screenshot for reference.

The platform is only allowing me to attach one image. I see some logs related to the initial setup, data fetch of the ticker, holiday list, etc. I’m unable to attach any images for these as I’m a new user.

And then “Event onTick” and “Last bar update” log continuously even when the market is closed.

Hope you resolve this soon and disable these logs in production!

Hi @z3r0c0o1 Thank you for highlighting this, we have shared the feedback to the relevant team. We shall update you on this soon!

Hi @z3r0c0o1 Can you please help us with your Client ID via DM? We have sent you a DM requesting the same, please respond on the same message.

PS: We do not encourage anyone to share their public details like (email id, contact details, Client Code etc). Please refrain from adding these details on the public forum like this.


Sure, will do!

The image doesn’t contain anything sensitive, I made sure of that.

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