Signature upload during registration - missing button

Not able to sign up and complete registration. The step where there should be option to provide our signature - has the button missing for uploading a scanned version of signature. It only has option to sign manually or use automated system generated signature which we don’t want.


Hi @manishmahajan11 Welcome to the Community! Can you please share the screenshot where you are not able to upload the signature? We’ll take this up with the team!


Please see there is no button to select local file and upload.


Team Angelone, any updates? How long a new member needs to wait for registration due to such bugs.


Still no update on this issue with signature upload?

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Hi @manishmahajan11 Sorry for the delay caused, the team is working on this issue, we shall update this soon!

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Is there no ETA for resolution of this Bug. I need to know how long to wait for ?

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Hey @manishmahajan11 Sorry that it is taking this long, can you please respond to the DM, we are looking to get a few details.

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Hi ,
I unable to upload my signature photo while crate Demat account, No option available for upload picture. Can u fix this? Pls!

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Please don’t add your issue in this thread as it’s for an issue i am facing. Please create separate bug if you are seeing issue with signature upload

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