SGB showing 0 as it's value in my portfolio

Hi AngelOne community/ Team,
I have bought 5 SGB units in the latest Dec 2023 series and the units are credited in my demat account successfully.
But in my portfolio under sgb section it is showing current value as “0”. Do you know why it is showing like this??


Also i tried to attach screenshot of the screenshot but this community shows ERROR 422

Hi @S53219125 Welcome to the Community! Thanks for highlighting this issue to us, we’ll take this up with the team and get back to you. Meanwhile, would request you to kindly raise a support ticket for the same.

Okay. Thanks for the update. I do that.

Hi @AngelOne I tried to raise a ticket but it says that “Unable to fetch Ticket” and glitched. I mailed to the address shown in queries but no response from there either. Can you look into it.

Even im facing same issue, investment page shows it will be credited by 9th Jan but till today its not displaying in portfolio.

Hello @S53219125 @Chiru Please check the investment module on the app, as the price and value for clients with allotments should be updated there. The listing date was on January 30, 2024, so you should see the updated information now. If you still face issues, feel free to reach out to customer service for further assistance.