Segment activated but can't trade in commodity

Hey there, I am new to trading and have been studying the crude oil market.
I decided to invest in it today through an option chain, when I placed the order, it rejected the order saying my client code is not registered, yet when I checked my KYC completion document, everything was valid and all segments were activated.

I search for this problem online and found no solution, I hope to head from you all soon

Hi @TronZeroJB Welcome to the community! Can you please share a screenshot? Additonally, please share your client code over DM. We’ll ask the team to look into the issue.

Same like mine?

Hi team,

I am facing the same problem. How to solve the issue.

I have raised to the ticket for many times.

Angle not provided the solution.

Kindly help

I have same issue
Exchange not enableb for this user
Please solve itProcessing: 17072976620457444619426046441352.jpg…