Secure Your Investments: Add a Nominee to Your Demat Account Today!

Add Nominee

According to SEBis circular, every Demat and Trading account holder should add a nominee to their account by September 2023. Earlier, the last date to add a nominee was 31st March 2023, but it has been extended.

If you haven’t added a nominee to your Account yet, you can follow the steps mentioned in the article below. It is important to note that if you don’t add a nominee to your demat account, your account may get frozen.

Don’t delay, secure your investments today! Click here to read our article on adding a nominee to your demat account.

This is the last message do you this process immediately proceed not for the fund’s clearing your team closed the trading platform immediately please request you anythings saying this email address send me

Hi @AMageshwaran I didnt get your point.
Let me know how can I help you.

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My funds clearing to Bank account how many days please request me anything saying reply email address

Hi @AMageshwaran Can you please elaborate your issue of our better understanding?

My demat account is closed client I’ dp is. 1203320066030645.this account already nominee submit this account activation request to Indian Bank account 873226184 IFSC code can KYC activation this bank assessing officer approval go head contact banking please request me anything saying reply email address.

My nominee is Bank registered iwill registered my wife


name Gomathi



M date of birth 06/06/1980.same Bank branch account holders second son Adithya.M .aadhar number 489442564316.Date of birth.30/06/2023.registered two nominees.

Hi @AMageshwaran We would request to kindly refrain from sharing your personal details on the community platform as it is public. Please send an email to the support team and they’ll help you resolve the issue. Additionally, we can help you expedite the process, you can send us the ticket number and we’ll ask the team to look into the issue at priority.