Rms rule. Order quantity limit including square off

Can someone please tell me what is this error

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Hi @vasanth27 Welcome to the Community!

RMS rules play a crucial role in managing risk and protecting traders from costly mistakes. Advanced trading strategies like short selling or using complex derivatives can be lucrative in the right hands. However, for even the most skilled traders, RMS rules act as a safety net, preventing them from employing high-risk strategies that could backfire spectacularly.

RMS acts as your account’s financial gatekeeper, ensuring you have the necessary funds to execute trades:

  • Non-leveraged trades: RMS verifies you have full balance coverage before approving the trade.
  • Leveraged trades: RMS only requires you to meet the margin requirement, a calculated minimum amount needed to open the position.

The error shown here might be because of two following reasons:

  • The total value of your open orders, plus the new order, exceeds the limit set by the RMS.
  • This limit is often based on factors like your account balance, margin requirements, and risk profile.

Here’s a possible solution that you can do to avoid such situation:

  1. Reduce Order Size: Reduce the quantity or value of your order to fit within the allowed limit.
  2. Close Open Positions: If you have open positions, consider closing some to free up margin and reduce the overall order value.

Ensure you have sufficient margin available in your account to support the order value and be mindful of your overall risk tolerance and ensure your orders align with your investment goals.

I have 1200 shares of Graphisads Ltd. Even if try to sell 1 share it’s giving the same error

Same issue is happening with me not able to sell and even there is no open position for the same share i have the quantity what to do what is the use of such application if i can not sell the share mail you multiple time but no resolution has came

Hello @yash_bhavsar07, Welcome to the Angel One Community. To expedite your resolution, could you please provide your Client ID over a personal message? We’ll swiftly investigate and address the issue.

Please find my client id as follows



please look into this issue as soon as possible

Still no updates wow how much time do you want customer to wait on every day i am getting loss on holding can you please update on this thing??

Bhai knsi community ha 3 din se mail customer care support kar raha hu koi response nai ha is issue pe sell nai ho raha ha share loss ho raha ha paisa kaun dega angel one wala doge kya ??

exactly same issue happening with me. unable to sell.

Hello @yash_bhavsar07 @praveenb, Please create a support ticket for the issue. Also, share the screenshot of the error message. Thank you

Thanks @Angelone. @Yash : Try selling in lots and not in numbers. Eg. if there are 800 shares in a lot , sell quantity should be 1 and not 800.