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Ravi Jaipuria’s Handover Plan Is Here: Know What RJ Corp Will Look Like

Ravi Jaipuria, chairman of RJ Corp Ltd, a diversified conglomerate involved in several F&B businesses, healthcare and education sector announced his succession plans.

Ravi Jaipuria, a prominent figure in the business world and the chairman of RJ Corp Ltd formalized his succession plans that outline the future direction of the conglomerate under new leadership. The group is majorly involved in the food & beverages business but also has diversified in the education and healthcare sectors. RJ Corp owns Varun Beverages, PepsiCo’s second-largest bottler outside the US, and Devyani International, operates KFC, Pizza Hut and Costa Coffee outlets here in India. Both the companies are listed in the Indian stock market and are named after his children Varun and Devyani who are going to take over the company, but for now, Ravi Jaipuria will continue to remain the chairperson, whereas Varun and Devyani will take up leadership roles. Although daily operations will be run by professionals as was done in the past.

The Succession

Jaipuria’s son Varun, is to take charge of Varun Beverages Ltd and Devyani International Ltd, his transition into overseeing the food and beverages segment appears to be a natural progression, considering his long-time involvement and experience within the industry. With his leadership, RJ Corp’s food and beverages division may continue to innovate and expand its presence in the market. Whereas his daughter Devyani Jaipuria is set to take over and assume leadership in the healthcare and education businesses. In the healthcare sector, the company is involved with Cocoon maternity hospitals and stem cell banking, along with that, in the education sector, the group is involved with Delhi Public Schools, a reputed chain of schools in India.

Financials of the listed companies

Varun Beverages with a market cap of Rs.1,87,381 Cr, recorded a significant 76% year-on-year increase in profit after tax to Rs.143.76 Cr for the December quarter, driven by revenue growth and improved profit margins. Revenue from operations rose by 20.5%, reaching Rs.2,214.24 Cr, supported by volume growth in both domestic and international markets. EBITDA climbed 36% to Rs.418.29 Cr. On the other hand, Devyani International with a market cap of Rs.20,023, in its December quarter earnings saw a decline in profit to Rs.9.62 Cr, down 86.6% from the previous year, despite a 6.6% increase in revenue from operations to Rs.843.13 Cr. The company’s EBITDA stood at Rs.146 Cr, representing a 17% decrease year-on-year.


Ravi Jaipuria’s decision to retain the position of chairman at RJ Corp while implementing the succession plan reflects a thoughtful approach to maintaining continuity and stability within the company. According to reports, he said that he has plans to guide the company’s growth, policies, and diversification while the succession plan allows his children to concentrate on a long-term vision, ensuring a vision for the company’s future.

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