[RESOLVED] My demat account does not show Mutual Funds

After transfer of Mutual Funds from my one account to another (transfer date: 19 March 2024), till today i.e. 08 April 2024, I do not see those MFs in my target demat account. I have been contacting suport team several times and since long but the issue still persist.

Yes it happens with many people I guess it’s a major glitch

So that means Angel One is not safe platform and cannot be trusted, right? Because you invest your money but you do not see the investment and the money remains with Angel One, is it?

Hi @KalyaniKarpe That is not true. Sometimes, the customers might face technical glitches for multiple other reasons but the amount that is invested by you will reflect in your account itself. We’d request you to kindly share your ticket reference number that you raised with the support team, we’ll help you escalate the case.

Ticket no is 17615595
I have also sent your support team the screenshots of my demat account where I do not see 3 of the mutual funds I invested in. But the team gives no satisfactory answer. This case should go to your IT department because your mobile app and website do not show the mutual funds. But your support team is not helping.
Now I am almost at a decision of closing my angel one demat account permanently.
Talking to you is my last effort, if this doesnt work either, I know that I dont want any association with Angel One.

There has been no response from your support team on this issue yet. I haव्e been trying to call and write them but your team is not helping at all.

Hi @KalyaniKarpe Thanks for sharing the reference number, the team mentioned that they have informed you that the holdings have been transferred and the same is reflecting in the account however as you mentioned, you are not able to see that. So, we have asked the team to double check on the issue and they will be able to share an update on this. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to you and understand the disappointment, as mentioned the team is working on the case, so you should be able to get a resolution on this soon!

Hello @AngelOne

I talked with Kotak team and they said the 2 MFs are still under the old PAN and not been transferred yet to my PAN.
They also shared the allotment advisory report of the source PAN that clearly shows that the MFs are not transferred to my PAN.
I have shared with your team the telephonic conversation I had with Kotak along with the allotment advisory report I received from Kotak.

Your team is saying that the transffer is done but the telephonic conversation and the allotment advisory report clearly says that transfer is NOT DONE.

How can you help with this now?

@KalyaniKarpe Updated the team, they’ll get back to you!

@AngelOne I have redeemed those Mutual Funds. Your team need not work on it now.