[RESOLVED] My account is not activating even though I have linked my aadhar card with pan card 😔

hi i have been trying to make my demat account in Angelone for last 1 month but its keep saying that i don’t have my pan card linked to Aadhar but i have completed that process 1month+ ago// i even have trading account in zerodha and been trading in it for last 1 month… idk why Angelone won’t let me make my account… am i blocked in ur app… if yes then just tell me so that i can get my mind free.

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Hi @Arasdeol We are sorry to hear about your disappointing experience. Do you see any error message while you tried to link your PAN and Aadhaar? Can you please share the screenshot of the same?

Additionally, we’d request you to kindly raise a ticket or send an email to the support team. Once you do that, please share the ticket number/reference ID number with us, we’ll help you expedite the case.

if there were any error in my pan aadhar link i wouldn’t have been able to trade for 1 month+ on zerodha… and i have send email yesterday so if i get any reply i will post my ticket number.

hi, just got an email regarding my problem… here’s the reference id no 14423157… thx

Thank you for sharing the reference number, we’ll get this expedited. @Arasdeol

thank you. hopefully i will be able to trade by next week :smiley:


fyi the link which redirects to pan link page… its been linked for like nearly 2 months


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Hi @Arasdeol We have updated the team with the details you have shared, we have been informed that they are looking into it.

Also, would request you to kindly refrain from sharing any screenshot that reveals your personal information on the community forums as these are public!

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thank you update… and yeah i know that this is public forum that’s why i chopped that screenshot :innocent:
anyways enjoy your weekend. :love_you_gesture:
and happy diwali :diya_lamp: :diya_lamp: :diya_lamp:

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@AngelOne it’s been 7 days and my account is still stuck at in progress… i wonder why angel have such lame account opening process… some of your competitors open account in just 2 days… and even provide call support for instant help…

maybe that’s why angel is falling >>?!

Hi @Arasdeol We are extremely sorry to hear about the inconvenience caused to you, ideally this should not be the case, we have taken a follow up again, will keep you posted.

thanks for quick response… hope next week ill be able to trade via angle then :slight_smile:
and fyi phone call option for those who cant make account due to some bug will be excellent for angel frfr.

@AngelOne its been 15 days till my post and my account is not active… why?

Hi @Arasdeol We are extremely sorry to hear you have been facing such delays, Can you please confirm when was the last time the team reached out to you?

Hmm it was around 17th November I think

@AngelOne my account finally got activated :smiley: thanks for help okbyebye

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same but no help, i tried to call nitin for help but he said dean is busy

Mine account was also not activating But soon the Dev’s did their job.